Magnet therapy in a nutshell

Here is how it can help you

While clinical evidence as to its effectiveness has existed for decades, which is why it has traditionally been used in hospitals and medical spas, the popularity of magnetic therapy only shot up recently when it became much more affordable due to technological progress. No longer a prerogative of professional athletes and expensive private rehabilitation facilities, a magnetic therapy device can now be purchased and used by anyone in the comfort of their home.

PEMF therapy is not only natural, non-invasive and environmentally friendly, but also incredibly effective in treating a variety of health problems. A pulsed magnetic field stimulates the tissues of the human body on the cellular level, promoting cell regeneration and body cleansing. In many cases, patients make a good or even full recovery upon application.


Benefits of magnetic therapy

Electromagnetic therapy is used to prevent and effectively treat a range of conditions, as well as to address long-term effects of a disease.

Crucially, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy does not use simple static magnets such as bracelets, bandages or chains. Instead, it relies on high-quality technologically advanced and certified devices that generate a low-frequency pulsed magnetic field whose parameters have been shown to have therapeutic effects.

Magnetism induced by pulsed low-frequency magnetic fields is increasingly regarded as an efficient natural alternative to currently overused pharmacological treatment. As opposed to many prescription drugs, magnet therapy does not create addiction and there is no risk of an overdose.

PEMF therapy can also be used as a complementary medicine along with standard medical treatment.

Our products

A wide range of therapeutic effects

Designed to generate a low-frequency therapeutic magnetic field, our DUO FORTE device is intended for professional and home use. Whilst commonly used by physiotherapists to treat conditions such as tennis elbow and frozen shoulder, DUO FORTE has also proven to be effective in patients suffering from a whole host of other conditions.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy boasts multiple benefits:

  • alleviates pain and discomfort
  • contributes to cell regeneration and improves blood circulation
  • speeds up the healing process
  • relieves muscle tension
  • reduces swelling
  • strengthens immunity
  • stimulates the growth and construction of bone tissue

While magnet therapy is generally a safe treatment method, it should not be used or caution should be exercised in patients with an electronic medical device, pregnant women and those who are bleeding. A complete list of contraindications is available here. Please, read the operating instructions before use.