Our MELIO magnetotherapy set contains a wide PIANO back applicator and a small MANIC flat applicator.

The PIANO is an applicator that has proven effective in relieving lower and higher back pain, as well as in treating a host of other health issues. The dimensions of the applicator make it possible for a magnetic field to also reach the muscles nearby, whose stiffness and local contractures frequently contribute to the painful condition.

A compactly sized applicator, the MANIC generates a strong focused magnetic field required for highly-targeted application. It is commonly used to treat conditions such as tennis elbow

MELIO set demonstration:

Our MELIO set is the most suitable for the following areas of the body:

Each MELIO set includes:

  • a wide flat PIANO applicator, dimensions: 460 x 490 mm
  • a small flat MANIC applicator, dimensions: 170 x 210 mm
  • a two-output pulse generator (DUO FORTE)
  • a power supply
  • a magnetic field tester
  • a user’s manual, information and picture guide
  • a high-quality case to safely store and transport the device