Our MEDICO treatment set combines a CAVO circular applicator, a wide PIANO back applicator and a small flat MANIC applicator.

The PIANO is an excellent choice for treating conditions affecting the back area such as bedsores. A magnetic field produced by this applicator may also be applied to the lower limbs or the torso to treat conditions affecting these areas.

 The CAVO has proven incredibly effective in treating conditions such as frozen shoulder. Not only does a homogeneous magnetic field generated by this circular applicator promote regeneration of all the layers of tissues at the application point. It also speeds up healing of the adjacent areas.

A small applicator, the MANIC is an excellent choice for targeted application required to effectively treat conditions such as tennis elbow.

MEDICO set demonstration:

Our MEDICO set is the most suitable for the following areas of the body:

Each MEDICO set includes:

  • a flat PIANO applicator, dimensions: 460 x 490 mm
  • a circular CAVO applicator, diameter: 260 mm
  • a flat MANIC applicator, dimensions: 170 x 210 mm
  • a two-output pulse generator (DUO FORTE)
  • a power supply
  • a magnetic field tester
  • a user’s manual, information and picture guide
  • a high-quality case to safely store and transport the device