DUO FORTE generator

GENISI generator

The GENISI control unit is a type of generator that was developed for home users.

It is characterized by easy operation and allows the connection of two applicators. Thanks to this, simultaneous application for one person on different parts of the body is possible, or it is possible to use this generator together for two people with the application of the same or even different programs.

The main offer consists of four programs focused on harmonization and regeneration processes marked H1 to H4 and three analgesic programs for pain suppression, marked P1 to P3.

This very versatile group of programs makes orientation even easier and the already very simple operation even easier.

The generator is also equipped with a group of support programs for specific problems and diagnoses.

The biotropic parameters of the individual programs correspond to clinical studies and worldwide experiences of magnetotherapy patients.

The application intensity can be selected for all programs and the application time for the H and P program group.