VIERA applicator

VIERA applicator

Description and use:

A large circular applicator with a diameter of 65 centimetres, the Viera is primarily intended for professional use – in spas, physical medicine and rehabilitation facilities, as well as in homes and day-care centres where healthcare is provided to elderly and disabled people. This applicator makes it possible to expose a patient to a homogeneous magnetic field that evenly penetrates through the entire depth of the tissues being treated. While the device has proved to be the most effective in treating osteoporosis, a disease whose most dangerous symptom is decreased bone density, patients suffering from a host of other conditions such as arthrosis (in hip and knee joints), rheumatoid arthritis and backache (regardless of origin) may also benefit from its regenerating, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Viera applicator Parameters:

  • circular shape
  • weight of 9.2 kg
  • diameter: 650mm

VIERA applicator demonstration:

Our VIERA applicator is the most suitable for the following areas of the body: