Applicator Manic

Applicator ManicApplicator ManicManic applicator description and use:This is a small applicator designed for targeted application to areas such as: ears, teeth, cervical spine, smaller joints, regeneration of inner organs (liver, stomach, uterus, prostate, etc.).Manic applicator parameters: flat shape weight of 455 grams dimensions: 170 x 210mm Manic applicator demonstration:Body areas Manic applicator is the most…

Applicator Casso

Applicator CassoApplicator CassoCasso applicator description and use:This is the largest “bed-type” applicator. It is suitable for whole-body regeneration.Casso applicator parameters: flat shape, consists of 5 pieces weight of 5,980 grams dimensions: 550 x 1,730mm Applicator Casso demonstration:Body areas CASSO applicator is the most suitable for: